Data Cloud Encryption


Data Cloud Encryption is a system that allow to encrypt data and have application do searches on those data in the encrypted format without using a decryption key.Uses a proprietary algorithm that allows fast encryption, searchable encrypted data and also searches on partial strings. It is highly scalable and efficient. DRS-K is available as SDK or as ODBC/JDBC driver

Data Integrity Suite


Protection of archived data and audit logs. - The data is guaranteed through the BlockChain system. - This system consists in generating a HASH of the record by adding the HASH of the previous record. - This creates a chain where it is no longer possible to alter a single record without having to alter all subsequent records. - There is also a register of all the files processed with the record numbers and a list of all the files present in the db so that you cannot add or remove files (even if you have the necessary privileges).

Data Retention System


Data retention is the ability to capture and store huge amounts of event records, retain them for long periods of time, retrieve and send query results in near real time. Acquire, organize and archive traffic data, perform searches and correlations on historical data to manage information flows automatically and securely. It is one of the most advanced management of traffic data in the world for monitoring communications and, more specifically, for the provision of "Compulsory services for the judicial authority", according to the requirements established in Italy by "National regulatory requirements for services mandatory ".