The integrated system that allows you to manage all processes related to Lawful Interception and Data Retention.

RDSLAB and RoTechnology have integrated their expertise in field of “Mandatory services for the Judiciary”, creating a solution that responds to current regulations. IRIS is the synthesis of this knowledge, that is a platform capable of managing all processes related to Lawful Interception and Data Retention.


Iris project

The solution is based on a portal for the management of the decrees and on a range of modules that allow their management, both as Mediation and as Probe, in different network contexts. The features of this easily and widely scalable platform allow it cover the needs of the wide range of TLC operators on the Italian market and international. Depending on the specific needs of the operator, the modules can also be supplied individually.

Elements of the solution

Solution architecture


The “mandatory services" for the judiciary

All operators providing network access are required to offer judicial authorities "mandatory services" relating to interception features (Lawful Interception) and analysis of data traffic (Data Retention).

These benefits include:

  • Interception of communications (voice, data, messaging).
  • Historical traffic documentation.
  • Suspension or limitation of services to users.
  • Obtaining personal information.
  • Location

IRIS is an integrated solution created to help, TLC operators and Service Providers, to fulfill the "Mandatory services" while maintaining maximum protection of privacy and access.
The easy and wide scalability of the platform, allow to cover the needs of TLC operators and Service Providers present on the national and international market. Furthermore, these characteristics allow to support growth network, both in terms of bandwidth and in terms of services communication. IRIS operates on both physical and virtual machines, in both cases the solution is based on the concept of agnostic hardware. The platform is offered either in Paas mode (with an annual contract) or "On Prem". IRIS responds and implements the following Italian directives: Legislative Decree, N. 196 of 30 June 2003; Guarantor for the protection of personal data and security measures for telephone data e telematic traffic, 17 January and 24 July 2008; Decree Legislative n. 109/08; Legislative Decree n. 167/2017, art 24. IRIS complies with international standards ETSI, 3GPP.

SAG Outsourcing

It is a service offered by Rotechnology and RDSlab that allows operators to outsource the management of decrees and relations with the AA.GG. An increasing number of operators are relying on this solution to respond to "mandatory services".