Your healt, ready to wear

HEREMOS is a platform for the continuous monitoring of vital parameters to asses the patient health, optimize discharge times and drop the re-hospitalization rate.

Particularly, HEREMOS is a technology designed to support geriatric patients, allowing them to be self-managed and at their home premises, still keeping a close eye on their condition.


The HEREMOS platform composition:

a) wearable system, with data acquisition and processing capabilities, equipped with sensors for real time monitoring of: blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, respiratory volumes, arterial oxygen saturation, body sweat, body temperature.
b) Data Lake in Big Data logic, with advanced encryption methods, for data storage. Through the analysis of acquired data and specific algorithms, predictive models and indices can be extrapolated to evaluate the patient’s state of health in an early manner.

Relatives, caregivers and health care providers - Stay connected to the ones you care for with HEREMOS!

Continuous feedback on the health status of the patient. Specific alerts allow for a prompt intervention if necessary.