SEMANTIC aims to satisfy the growing security need for soft targets and hard targets through the development of a software tool and a methodology.

Semantic is a system for critical infrastructure security, based on a methodology that integrates web data mining and advanced data analysis techniques (Machine Learning), to identify potential critical events, extract the key characteristics, estimate the risk of a threat and consequently suggest a series of countermeasures to be implemented with a cost-benefit approach.



The system can be divided into three main modules: the Data Mining module, the Data Repository module and the Risk Assessment module. It will make use of web information, offering, together with a data mining tool, a semantic analysis tool, to create a knowledge repository able to provide valid decision support thanks to timely and constantly updated information. The risk assessment module of SEMANTIC, after analyzing the information collected on the web and evaluating the probability of attack scenarios, will provide a quantitative data on the risk that the critical infrastructure is running, and a series of possible countermeasures.