Data Retention Suite Package

Data Retention is the ability to capture and store massive quantities of event related records, keep those records for long periods of time, retrieve and deliver query results to law enforcement agents in near real time and provide tamperproof, court quality forensic evidence sufficient to identify and prosecute terrorists or criminals. Data Retention technology is the preferred approach taken by cutting edge intelligence agencies for applications that require massive scalability, long storage periods and real time data retrieval. Acquire, organize, and store traffic data, perform searches and correlations on historical data to manage information flows from and to the Judicial Authority automatically and securely. It is one of the world’s most advanced system management of traffic data for tracking communications and, more specifically, for the provision of “Compulsory Performance for the Judicial Authority”, according to the requirements set out in Italy by “National Regulatory Requirements for Mandatory Performance”.

Key Technological Advantages

  • Purpose Built
  • Highly and linearly scalable
  • Currently Capturing 10s of Billions of CDRS/IPDRs per day with the uniqueability to search across trillions of records in near real time
  • Complies with the EU Data Retention Directive
  • Encrypted, fully auditable, secure and tamperproof
  • Requires far fewer CPUs (hardware)
  • Very high compression level with minimal performance impact
  • Requires less storage (via compression)
  • Highly configurable and proven reliability

Key Operational Advantages

  • Easily manageable directly by the end customer or the system integrator (less custom development required)
  • Built-in capability to acquire complex and diverse input data flows
  • Very high ingestion rate and low HW requirement simplifies system management and scalability when traffic increase
  • No DBMS required for data storage, simplified DB administration
  • Linear scalability
  • Full redundancy
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Download White Paper