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The Data Retention & Encryption Company

We develop and design solutions and products
for secure data processing


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RDSlab Srl is a software engineering company with decades of experience in data retention and encryption design, development and sale of IT products and solutions for the treatment of traffic and transactional data, for the management and distribution of informative content and for the safety of communications. We significant and specific experience in the implementation of systems designed for management and analysis of data in support of the investigative functions

carried out by the Judicial Authority. Rdslab operates with the help of a large group of qualified technicians in the various theoretical and applied areas of computer science, with a constant attention to technological innovation and product development, also realized through participation in advanced R & D projects. Rdslab has its operational headquarters in Rome (Italy) with offices in California and Brazil.


Italian Company
international presence

Rdslab has its operational headquarters in Rome (Italy) and points of presence in California and Brazil.


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